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        Home > About Us

        Contact Us

        Add: Changjie Industry Park, Ninghai, Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, China. 315601

        Email: aviva@a-stationery.com

        Tel: +8613968357672

        About Us

        Our History

        Established 20 years ago in 1992, Ningbo Zhenda stationery has developed so quickly to grown into one of the leading stationery and office supply manufacturer with manufactring, R&D and customer service. 

        Our Factory

        The factory located in Ninghai, Ningbo Zhejiang province - the World Stationery Base,the factory area reaches over to 30000 sq.m, accommodating 16 production lines and divisions for mold making, metal pressing. plastic injection and plating, the plating is equipped specialized skillful workers, Zhenda not only have specialized technicial team and R&D Dep, but also have own brand office in the center to meet customer' s demand in oder to saving customer' s time and cost. 

        Our Product

        Being a professional manufacturer of office items company, which produce a wide range of stationery and office supply products such as binder clips.

        paperclips. pushpins. paper fasteners. thumbtacks. clipboards. magnetic buttons. sharpener. staplers. punches. stapler. removers.clip dispensers. plastic clips and other stationery etc.

        Product Application

        Office supply

        Our Certificate


        Production Equipment

        Injection machine punch line paint spray line electrophoresis line. 

        We have cooperated with over 40 countries worldwide, as Unite state Germany Janpan Russian etc and obtained excenllent achievement till now. 

        Our Service

        1.Determine the product name, model, manufacturer, quantity, delivery date, payment method, packing specification and container type, etc. 

        2.One week before the date of delivery, the inspector should be informed to inspect the goods. 

        3.After the goods have been finished and pass the inspection, the customer shall be informed of the shipping time and arrival time. 

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