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Binder Clip Has Simple Structure

Aug 11, 2020

Binder Clip, also known as dovetail clip, is used to combine a stack of documents. It is a common office product. Binder Clip has simple structure, low price, and simple and convenient actual operation, so it has been widely used. Binder Clip is generally a metal component, consisting of a clip body and 2 longer tail handles. The Binder Clip clip body is a one-time formed spring steel sheet. The tail handle is made of stainless steel wire. The end connected to the clip body can be used for thematic activities. The Binder Clip clip body and the tail handle produce a spring steel card that holds the name of the folder. In the clip body. The tail handle can be placed upright after the document is clamped, which is conducive to the accumulation of documents and saves indoor space. In daily work, many materials and documents are often touched, and the same type of materials are combined with a Binder Clip. When a certain piece of material must be searched, the fused document must be opened for actual viewing, which is troublesome and wastes time.

Based on this, for the inconvenient problem of finding files with traditional Binder Clip, a Binder Clip that is helpful for finding files is presented. A Binder Clip includes a clip body, the clip body includes a clamping edge and a ridge, the ridge is set up with two engaging parts, the two engaging parts are not connected and are spread symmetrically, and a card slot is generated by surrounding the card; The joint includes a horizontal baffle and a straight baffle. The horizontal baffle includes a longitudinal plate and two leveling plates. Each leveling plate has one end connected to the longitudinal plate, and the straight baffle steel bars overlap the horizontal baffle. A blocking block and a mark are set in the card slot. The block is located at the bottom end of the card slot. The aspect ratio of the block is lower than the aspect ratio of the longitudinal plate. The identification steel bar overlaps the block and is connected to the card slot. Click to match. In one of these implementation examples, the above-mentioned leveling plate and the above-mentioned longitudinal plate are vertically connected, and the symmetry axes of the two engaging parts are parallel or vertical to the above-mentioned clamping edge.


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