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Binder Clip Manufacturers Tell You What Are The Magical Uses Of Binder Clip?

Aug 10, 2020

Binder Clip manufacturers tell you what are the magical uses of Binder Clip?

1. What should I do if the various cables next to the computer are messy and can’t be dealt with? Just add a few Binder Clips on the computer desk, and then fix the various data cables in Azi. You can take them at any time. Take it!

2. Is the toothpaste hard to squeeze halfway through? Roll it up to make it more convenient to squeeze. Just squeeze the lower part and clamp it with the Binder Clip to instantly transform the toothpaste!

3. The fruits, or beer, etc. in the refrigerator are stacked together, and you can't let it fall off. Just take a Binder Clip, face it up, and let the two sticks in the gap!

4. Watching videos on the mobile phone, often holding hands tired, and currently there is no support for the mobile phone, just take two Binder Clips, and clip them to a book or a hard piece of paper at the same time to fix them, and then put the mobile phone on two It can be fixed in the middle of the hole, and it is not tired to look at.

5. The bracket under the keyboard is broken? Don't worry, take some small Binder Clips, face up, and put them under the keyboard!

6. When working, the sleeves are always falling down. You only need to roll it twice and clamp it with Binder Clip!


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