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Five Magical Uses Of Paper Clip

Jul 10, 2020

As our office supplies, paper clip is usually used to add some files. In fact, you can also put paper clip in your life. The magical effect of paper clip is just as great. Let's take a look now.

Five magical uses of paper clip:

1. If the phone can't find the card picking pin, we can use this paper clip instead. Just straighten one end of the paper clip. We can use this paper clip to pick up the card. Use this method to pick up the card. It is also very convenient.

2. Usually some backpacks, but the zipper of the backpack is easy to unzip, it is easy to cause property damage, we only need to buckle a paper clip on the zipper position, which can play a role of anti-theft.

3. The zipper pull loop of the pants is off. You can put a paper clip on the zipper. This method is also very smooth when pulling the zipper.

4. You can use the paper clip as a bookmark. When you usually read a book or make notes, you can add a paper clip to the paper clip on the page you are looking at. You will find it quickly when you open the book next time using this method.

5. Magic 5, you can use paper clips to draw circles, buckle the paper clips with each other, and draw circles on the paper clips like this. Well, are these five magical uses of paper clip very practical? Hope this coup can help everyone.

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