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How To Install Stapler

Jul 01, 2020

How to install stapler? For stapler, you need to separate the stapler from top to bottom by 180 degrees. Place the stapler in the groove of the stapler with the opening facing down, and close the stapler. After installing the stapler, you need to press down once to make the upper arm of the stapler fit the base. When using the stapler, you need to press hard, otherwise the nail will not be smooth.

How to install stapler:

1. When attaching nails to the stapler, first need to separate the upper and lower sides of the stapler, pay attention to the state of 180 degrees, so as to prevent the stapler from rebounding and hurting the fingers. After separating the stapler, install the stapler into the groove, and then close the separated stapler to use it.

2. Note that when installing the nails for the staplerstapler, the position can not be installed wrongly, the opening position of the nails needs to be facing down, so that the nails can be released after pressing. It is also necessary to install staples of appropriate size on the stapler, so as not to be too large or too small to cause the nails to not match the stapler and cannot be used.

3. The stapler installed by the stapler needs to be pressed down forcefully to make the upper arm of the stapler fit the base completely for better use. When using the stapler, it is necessary to place the stapler on the edge of the paper correctly, and press it down firmly. If the force is not enough, it is easy to make the nails not smooth.


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