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Paper Clip Seems To Be The Simplest Of All Inventions

Jul 07, 2020

The paper clip and the paper clip are broadly the same, and they are both paper clips made by bending metal wires back and forth. Paper clip seems to be the simplest of all inventions. It is just a small piece of bent metal wire that clamps paper. But the paper clip has undergone many repeated designs before it was made into the shape we use today. Paper clip, or paper clip, is a small tool made of metal wire that is bent back and forth to help you clip documents or paper in your work and life.

People tend to be accustomed to thinking about problems in a fixed way in their long-term lives. Over time, paper clips will fall into a mechanically rigid mode, which hinders flexibility and creativity. Therefore, we must break through the conventional paper clip method. Naturally, we will have more working methods. The key is to vary from person to person, constantly adapt and practice, find new methods that suit oneself and the right path from many working methods, and continue to apply them to work. For your own use, give yourself wings to take off, paper clip improves work efficiency. Use your imagination and paper clip to expand the accumulation of life and knowledge.

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