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The History Of Stapler

Jul 02, 2020

The history of stapler. The earliest use of stapler may be Louis XV. The staples he used are all carefully crafted by hand, with royal logos printed on them, used to bind royal documents together.

In 1868, Charles Gould obtained a British patent for an iron wire stapler. He used iron wire as the material, cut the iron wire to a certain length, and then fold the tip of the iron wire through the paper forcefully. This is a direct prototype of the modern stapler.

In 1869, Thomas Briggs of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, invented a machine capable of doing this. He founded a "Boston Wire Binding Machine Company" that manufactures and sells such machines. His machine smashed the wire and bent the stapler into a U shape, then used the stapler to nail through the pages of the book, and finally bent it again to secure the book properly. Briggs' original stapler was quite complicated, because the stapler had so many steps.

In 1894, he adopted a manufacturing process in which the iron wire was first rolled and bent to form a string of "U"-shaped staples. The nails can be loaded into a much simpler machine, which can embed the nails in the paper. This machine is the prototype of today's stapler. Early "U" shaped nails were wrapped in paper or individually packed in stapler.

The use of stapler became more and more popular in the 1920s, and at that time, staples could be glued into a long strip and put on the market.


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