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The Magical Effect Of Paper Clip

Jul 09, 2020

Paper clip is very common in life, but most people just use it to clip files. In fact, there are other magical uses for keeping a few paper clips at home. Today, I will share with you the magical use of paper clip, which can help you solve many troubles in life. Let's take a look at the uses of paper clips at home!

Magical use of paper clip one: making mobile phone holders

First prepare a slightly larger paper clip, then pull the inside of the paper clip upwards by 90 degrees, then use pliers to clamp the head of the paper clip upwards by 90 degrees, and finally put the phone on it. Such a simple and practical mobile phone holder is completed.

The magical effect of paper clip 2: moisture proof

Don’t know how to store the moisture-prone packaging products at home? Teach you a trick, first fold the packaging product in the direction of the opening, and then prepare a paper clip to clamp it. It not only prevents the contents of the packaging bag from pouring out, but also prevents moisture.

The magical use of paper clip 3: quickly find the tape head

When you usually need to use tape, do you always find the opening of the tape? To teach you a trick, just tear off the tape and prepare a paper clip to stick it on the tape. In this way, when you use the tape, you only need to find the paper clip and tear it off.

After reading this life tip, don’t you know what is the use of an idle paper clip at home? Hurry up to learn this trick and use the paper clip at home to solve many family troubles.

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