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The Magical Method Of Binder Clip

Aug 08, 2020

The magical method of Binder Clip:

1. When toothpaste is squeezed out from behind, Binder Clip can prevent toothpaste from squeezing out.

2. Binder Clip can fix the charger interface, USB interface, etc.

3. Binder Clip can fix the location of the phone.

4. Binder Clip can clamp the sleeve cuffs.

5. Binder Clip can prevent easy sliding bottles etc. from sliding.

If you put the sponge on the edge of the sink, the wet bottom surface of the sponge will produce mold, but a Binder Clip can solve this problem. You can clamp the sponge with a clamp and put it upright, the sponge will dry faster and be more durable.


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