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What Does Paper Clip Do?

Jul 08, 2020

What are the functions of the paper clips commonly used in our office? I believe many people want to know this question. An inch-long thin steel wire is bent several times and becomes a paper clip. In addition to paper clips, what are the other uses of paper clips?

In the office, the most common use of paper clip is to clip files, and hold the paper and folder together to play a fixed role. When I was young, I saw my neighbors wear paper clips and wrap them in colorful paper as curtains. It was very beautiful! After breaking the paper clip, it can be twisted into various small works of art, including the shape of a bicycle. Break your fixed thinking and use your imagination to know how rich it is. Let us think as much as we can, and the answers will be varied.

In the training of "creativity", there is a famous training case: How many uses are paper clips? I believe that everyone’s first reaction can say the folder file, and then after a little thought, they will say more uses, stringing them together as a chain; making toothpicks; binding things; forking food; piercing people; replacing keys to unlock; grinding into Hook to go fishing; if the button is off, you can use a paper clip to hook it up; sharpen it to replace needles; make curtains; tattoo; clip hair; fix flowers; write with ink; pierce holes. However, the paper clip has many shortcomings, such as the same appearance, easy to rust in a humid environment, single function, etc. At this time, the coated paper clip solves this problem very well. But then again, use it It is very economical, because when making a paper clip, it can be made of gold or silver, but it is made of iron. The paper clip made of iron is easy to rust. The outside can be plated with gold or silver, but it is partially plated with nickel.

Color boat type paper clip  (2)

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