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You Can Fix The Binder Clip On A Tripod

Aug 07, 2020

The many uses of Binder Clip:

1. If you have some Binder Clips around you, they are a great tool for placing pictures or message boards. Close the clip, clip the photo to the long tail, and place the bottom of the Binder Clip down on the table. If the surface is not stable enough, use a little sticky food or plasticine to fix the Binder Clip.

2. You can use anything to help your smartphone stand up, but what is easier than putting it at the end of the two Binder Clips? In this way, you can watch movies or take pictures without holding it all the time. Of course, if you want to take more professional photos, you can fix the Binder Clip on a tripod, and then clamp the phone, so that you can take a super stable phone snapshot.

3. Of course, don't forget the most obvious household purpose of Binder Clip-to clip things. Can't find the food clip for the sealed potato chip bag? Then use Binder Clip. The toothpaste tube doesn't work well? Roll it up and clamp the deflated end with Binder Clip. When the toothpaste is used up after the potato chips are eaten, you can also use it to clamp the shopping list on the shopping cart, so that you will not forget to add it.


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